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Horizontal versus vertical separation

The benefits and drawbacks of horizontal and vertical boundaries

Horizontal slicing

  • Boundaries between different technical areas (layers) of the system
  • Example: a layer for the API, a layer the business logic and a layer for communicating with the database
  • Benefit: allow for technological flexibility (for example, relatively easy to switch to other kind of DB)
  • Drawback: single functional change is likely to affect multiple layers

Vertical slicing

  • Boundaries between different functional areas of the system
  • Example: functionality for managing customers can be separated from functionality for placing orders
  • Benefit: Changes within a single functional domain can happen within a single part of the system
    • Especially helpful if different parts maintained by different teams!
    • Changes within a single functional domain can happen within a single team and coordination with other teams is only required if the communication with other functional domains needs changes as well
    • See microservices, where different small teams each maintain one or more microservices that encapsulate a certain functional area across several layers of the technical stack, even down to the database

Conway's Law

Conway's Law is as follows:

organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations

Such designs actually make sense as well: if changes within a single part of the system can happen within a single team, it’s way easier to plan and execute these changes

Consequence: if there is a mismatch between the team structure within your organization and the architecture of the application you’re working on, building the application is likely to be a struggle

You can use Conway’s Law to your advantage by structuring your application (and thus your teams) in such a way that changes to the system are pretty likely to be confined to a single part of the application. In practice, it seems that vertical slicing is typically the best way to do that.